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I've a simple question. I've an android app and I want to use this app in iOS also windows phone. Is it possible to develop all different apps(android based-iOS based and windows phone based) in just one platform. Or converting existing project to the different platforms.Also am i need to develop all apps in different platforms ?

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NO. It is not possible to convert an android app to iOS using a tool. You have to develop app in iOS platform using iOS SDK. There are some cross platform SDK are available like PhoneGap there you can develop app for both android and iOS. However for an existing app cant do anything.

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thanks for answer, i will research PhoneGap. –  berker Jun 15 '13 at 9:33

You cannot convert the app if it was written in Java. But here are some recommendations for the future:

For applications that include 3D graphics, I would recommend Unity

If you're looking for simpler applications, take a look at Cocos2D I don't have any experience with Cocos but it is said to be portable.

But if you're looking for native GUI widgets, I don't think there is a way to do that.

Note: The answers are for ios-android only. Unity is said to support Windows Phones soon, though.

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