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The concept is to consolidate my friends' and my MP3 collections, providing backup and remote access to media.

  • I will give them ftp access to upload their libraries.
  • A password protected site with different accounts (this will be handled with PHP).
  • A simple media player - mainly focused on music, videos welcome but not mandatory.
  • A good and fast file browser with indexing capabilities for fast searches.
  • Playlist saving capability. With option to see each other's playlists.
  • Cross platform, to be able to access it from mobile devices etc.

Seeing there are solutions around I thought I could ask for something ready in order to avoid writing it from scratch. I was thinking this should be two different things, a file browser combined with a media player.

Is there some code that will provide both the media player and the file browser already available or should go looking for two different things? I know there are similar questions but I wanted to get an up-to-date answer on this.

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Here's a short answer to all of your points:

  • You don't need to give them access via FTP, there are tons of scripts to handle uploading and browsing files on a server, together with permissions. elFinder is a very good script
  • There are a lot of articles on user authentication. PHP has one here, and you can find already made scripts to use or reference, like uLogin and UserPie
  • You could use the jQuery-based jPlayer. It can be used as a media player / media library for videos and audio. Here's an example from their page that includes playlist functionality.
  • You can use elFinder as a file browser, as mentioned above
  • Since they will have a common place where they'll be uploading files, you can just configure jPlayer to switch to each user's folder
  • All of the above are based on web technologies, so they all should work on modern mobile devices. You will need to follow a responsive web design approach.
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thank you filippos, lots of stuff to look into –  krasatos Jun 16 '13 at 10:47

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