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I'm trying to parallelize an algorithm in C on Android NDK with pthreads.

Up to now everything worked quite good. To optimize my code, i tried to use pthread_barrier_t.

But when i try to compile it with ndk-build, this error message appears:

jni/singleFFT.c:6:1: error: unknown type name 'pthread_barrier_t'

Everything else works good. Creating pthreads and joining them... but just trying to add a pthread_barrier_t causes this error. (pthread.h is included)

Is the pthread_barrier_t not supported on Android or what do i need to do? Perhaps a flag in the Android.mk?

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The Bionic libc doesn't provide Barriers synchronization primitive (pthread_barrier_t type and related functions) in Android NDK.


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Ok. That's at least an answer and i know why it doesn't work. Seems like i have to build the barrier functionality with mutex. Thanks. –  MiVoth Jun 16 '13 at 8:08

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