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I have oracle 10g Express Edition installed and I'm trying to connect to it from C#.

I've created a ODBC Data Source called MyOracle from ODBC Data Source Administrator.

I'm using Windows XP and Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition.

Here's my code:

string connString = "dsn=MyOracle;User=user;Password=pass";

        OdbcConnection connection = null;
        OdbcCommand command = null;
        OdbcDataReader reader = null;

            connection = new OdbcConnection(connString);




        catch (Exception ex)

            Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Message:\n\n{0}\n", ex.Message));

The console output tells me that the problem is at connection.Open();

Here's the output:

Console Error msg

Any ideas?

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Try to change your connection string to the following:

string connString = "DSN=MyOracle;UID=user;PWD=pass;Integrated Security=no;";
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Now I get ERROR [IM002] [Microsoft] [ODBC Driver Manager] Data Source name not found and no default driver specified. – conectionist Jun 15 '13 at 12:36
Found the solution? I too had similar error – Shalem Mar 7 '14 at 10:27

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