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I want to make all the files in the directory photo readable, writable, and executable for all. Suppose I chmod -R 777 photo today. Then tomorrow there are new files coming into the directory photo. Will the change of permission affect those files as well?

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Have you seen man umask. However, what do you mean by coming into the directory? –  devnull Jun 15 '13 at 12:52
@devnull So the server just downloads photos from the web every day. –  Paul S. Jun 15 '13 at 13:16

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Not usually. You could have a cron job to chmod them. Or you could change the umask of processes writing to that dir to 000 to make it work as you wish.

If this is a desktop computer, you can bind a key combination through your desktop environment so once you copy files to the dir, you hit the combination and a chmod is executed.

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