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$end=date_create("2013-07-30 00:30:33");
echo $x->format('%a days');

When I use %a it returns 45 days which is correct, when I use %d it returns 15 days. What is problem there?

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abs(15 - 30) == 15? (%d compares the days? not the overall) – bwoebi Jun 15 '13 at 12:55
So I should work with %a. I can't find anywhere explanation of those %characters. Does %h for hours and %i for minutes work correctly? – FosAvance Jun 15 '13 at 13:01
try $x->format('%m month, %d days'); you are only outputting the days when doing %d – amigura Jun 15 '13 at 13:11

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Number 15 are the days calculated from difference by the months.

For example: (from


$january = new DateTime('2010-01-01');
$february = new DateTime('2010-02-01');
$interval = $february->diff($january);

// %a will output the total number of days.
echo $interval->format('%a total days')."\n";

// While %d will only output the number of days not already covered by the
// month.
echo $interval->format('%m month, %d days');


The above example will output:

31 total days

1 month, 0 days

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Note that date_diff($end,$now); returns DateInterval and it has its own format:


a = Total number of days as a result of a DateTime::diff() or (unknown) otherwise


d = Days, numeric

You can not have 45 days in a single month so its basically using %d or %m month %d days

45 days //or 
1 month 15 days
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