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I'm using a Mac and I've installed the Mongo Driver for PHP (5.3.1, my version). It shows up on php info but when I use it in my PHP script it wont work.

Here is what my PHP info shows:

MongoDB Support enabled
Version 1.0.11

Directive   Local Value Master Value
mongo.allow_empty_keys  0   0
mongo.allow_persistent  1   1
mongo.auto_reconnect    1   1
mongo.chunk_size    262144  262144
mongo.cmd   $   $
mongo.default_host  localhost   localhost
mongo.default_port  27017   27017
mongo.long_as_object    0   0
mongo.native_long   0   0
mongo.utf8  1   1

Thanks :)

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Can you elaborate on "when I use it in my PHP script it wont work". You may have separate php.ini files for the CLI and web environments, so it's possible the extension isn't available in both. Viewing phpinfo() output or phpversion('mongo') in the web environment should indicate if the extension is loaded or not. The next test would be determining if the MongoClient class exists. –  jmikola Jun 24 '13 at 16:26

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I'm assuming that the version of mongo listed in phpinfo is 1.2 -- MongoClient class wasn't out until v1.3

if so, you need to update mongodb to the newer version.


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