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I'm very a newbie with xpath started looking at it today :)

I have some html that have the following structure :

<body class="wrapper">
      <a href="someLink_1"> link_1 </a>
      <a href="someLink_n"> link_1 </a>

Is it possible using xpath to select all the nodes after each h3? or more generally : given a node is it possible to select the followings n-nodes if these are not children of the given node?

I have tried with :

  1. //body[class="wrapper]/h3/*
  2. //body[class="wrapper]/h3/.
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What you are looking for is following-sibling::*

All notes after hr:


The next one only


The next three:

//body[@class="wrapper"]/h3/following-sibling::*)[position() <= 3 ]'

For more information have a look to xpah axes

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It does exactly what I was trying to do, thanks (also for the link to the doc) –  elio.d Jun 15 '13 at 16:17

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