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How would you write this query in SLICK?

DB.withSession  {
  implicit session =>
    Tokens.where(_.expirationTime < DateTime.now ).delete

DateTime.now is of type org.joda.time.DateTime

and _.expirationTime is a type mapped column of the same type.

I get this error

[error] UserService.scala:80: value < is not a member of scala.slick.lifted.Column[org.joda.time.DateTime]
[error]         Tokens.where(_.expirationTime < DateTime.now ).delete
[error]                                       ^
[error] one error found 

right now with the query in this form.

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My guess is that the JodaTime types are not supported types out of the box for slick. If you changed that column to a java.sql.Timestamp and used a Timestamp as your comparison value, things would work. If you want to use joda types in your slick column mappings, you might want to look into this:


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Importing com.github.tototoshi.slick.JodaSupport._ fixed the problem for me.

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