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I am trying to develop a Jquery plugin for Flickr photo exploring. But i am stuck on authenticating user. Flickr support Oauth 1.0.

My question is do you think there is any way to implement Oauth 1.0 with just Javascript? "With just Javascript" means I cannot use any server side script. I have to make all the request through Ajax. You know Ajax has cross origin restriction and from my experiment the links for Oauth don't allow CORS/jsonp.

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If it's client-size javascript only, I think you'll run into CORS issue, but worst you'll be exposing your secret key in javascript when you need to create the signatures for the oauth requests. – ikumen Jun 16 '13 at 5:35
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No it is not possible. This is one of the reasons OAuth 2.0 was born.

For instance, OAuth 2.0 also clearly lays out how to use OAuth entirely inside a browser using JavaScript that has no way to securely store a token, and it explains at a high level how to use it on a mobile phone or even on a device that has no web browser at all.
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