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Here is an excerpt of a class declaration:

template<typename key_type,typename value_type>
class _IndexTupleTree_Iterator

    typedef typename std::vector<value_type>::iterator value_it_t;
    _IndexTupleTree_Iterator(std::vector<GenNode<key_type,value_type>*>& node_stack,std::vector<int>& key_pos_stack,value_it_t value_pos);

I attempt to call the above constructor in the context below (last line):

template<typename key_type,typename value_type>
class LeafNode : public GenNode<key_type,value_type>
    typedef std::pair< std::vector<key_type>,value_type > entry_t;
    LeafNode(const entry_t entry);
    void insert(const entry_t entry);
    _IndexTupleTree_Iterator<key_type,value_type> begin(std::vector<GenNode<key_type,value_type>*>& node_stack,std::vector<int>& key_pos_stack) const;
    bool operator==(const LeafNode<key_type,value_type>& rhs) const;
    //bool find(std::vector<key_type> key, _IndexTupleTree_Iterator& pos);
    std::vector<value_type> _values;

 template<typename key_type,typename value_type>
_IndexTupleTree_Iterator<key_type,value_type> LeafNode<key_type,value_type>::begin(std::vector<GenNode<key_type,value_type>*>& node_stack,std::vector<int>& key_pos_stack) const
    return _IndexTupleTree_Iterator<key_type,value_type>(node_stack,key_pos_stack, _values.begin());

But I receive the following error:

../src/tensor_utils/IndexTupleTree.h:134: error: no matching function for call to ‘_IndexTupleTree_Iterator<int, int>::_IndexTupleTree_Iterator(std::vector<GenNode<int, int>*, std::allocator<GenNode<int, int>*> >&, std::vector<int, std::allocator<int> >&, __gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<const int*, std::vector<int, std::allocator<int> > >)’
../src/tensor_utils/IndexTupleTree.h:55: note: candidates are: _IndexTupleTree_Iterator<key_type, value_type>::_IndexTupleTree_Iterator(std::vector<GenNode<key_type, value_type>*, std::allocator<GenNode<key_type, value_type>*> >&, std::vector<int, std::allocator<int> >&, typename std::vector<value_type, std::allocator<_T2> >::iterator) [with key_type = int, value_type = int]

I know that the problem is with the last argument. Does anyone know why it can't find the constructor and call it?

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Does anyone know why it can't find the constructor and call it?

That is because your begin() function is const-qualified, which means that doing _values.begin() will return you a const_iterator.

However, the constructor of _IndexTupleTree_Iterator accepts a non-const iterator as the last argument. This is why the compiler cannot resolve the call.

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