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How to correctly get the vertices content on a LPDIRECT3DVERTEXBUFFER9? When I initiate it to be rendered later I know what vertices and the sizeof it that were used, but supposing I don't, is it possible to get them later into a pointer?

if(p1->GetStreamSource(0, &Stream_Data, &Offset, &XStride) == D3D_OK)
    void* pVoid;
    Stream_Data->Lock(0, 0, (void**)&pVoid, 0);
    memcpy( ??????, pVoid, sizeof( ?????? ) );

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"What kind of evil or stupid programmer on surface of Earth uses a type name like this?" - I thought. Then I realized this is just a normal WinAPI typedef. –  user529758 Jun 15 '13 at 18:46
should I edit the title? –  Viniyo Shouta Jun 15 '13 at 19:08
No, it's not your fault, Microsoft should get their stuff together ;) –  user529758 Jun 15 '13 at 19:09

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Vertex format is user-defined, although there are ways to retrieve it:


Now, desc.FVF field will contain the flexible vertex format mask which tells you which fields are used in the vertex (as listed here). An alternative way to describe the vertex format would be using vertex declarations, which are a little more descriptive, though this article describes how to obtain them from FVF.

For example, you might get the following FVF: D3DFVF_XYZ | D3DFVF_NORMAL | D3DFVF_DIFFUSE | D3DFVF_TEX1. This would correspond to the following vertex structure:

struct Vertex
    D3DXVECTOR3 position;
    D3DXVECTOR3 normal;
    D3DCOLOR diffuse;
    float tu, tv;
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Haha thanks for your answer, it is correct, I had something on that (updated question) but my problem is that I was doing it on DIP, on which i read on msdn that DrawPrimitive calls will not succeed with any outstanding lock count on any currently set vertex buffer. =( –  Viniyo Shouta Jun 15 '13 at 19:31

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