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How do you split an animated gif into its component parts in .net?

Specifically i want to load them into Image(s) (System.Drawing.Image) in memory.


Based on SLaks' answer i now have this

public static IEnumerable<Bitmap> GetImages(Stream stream)
	using (var gifImage = Image.FromStream(stream))
		var dimension = new FrameDimension(gifImage.FrameDimensionsList[0]); //gets the GUID
		var frameCount = gifImage.GetFrameCount(dimension); //total frames in the animation
		for (var index = 0; index < frameCount; index++)
			gifImage.SelectActiveFrame(dimension, index); //find the frame
			yield return (Bitmap) gifImage.Clone(); //return a copy of it
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You should dispose the image when you're done by wrapping the code in a using block. –  SLaks Nov 11 '09 at 3:20
thanks slaks. Updated :) –  Simon Nov 11 '09 at 3:57

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Use the SetActiveFrame method to select the active frame of an Image instance holding an animated GIF. For example:

image.SelectActiveFrame(FrameDimension.Time, frameIndex);

To get the number of frames, call GetFrameCount(FrameDimension.Time)

If you just want to play the animation, you can put it into a PictureBox or use the ImageAnimator class.

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Semi-related, in WPF you have the BitmapDecoders which will provide you with all the frames of an image.

See BitmapDecoder.Create and BitmapDecoder.Frames.

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