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I have a chessboard like UI, wherein when I drag across check squares I need to EaselJS to detect my shapes(different squares) .I have hooked up those shapes with onMouseMove event handler. However I see that which ever shape gets clicked on mouse down that same shapes keeps emitting the onmousemove event even though I have moved outside the surface area of that shape and onto another shape. How can I have events that listen when I move out of the shape and into another shape using drag/touch or mouse drag?

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It usually works as you want it to, so my initial guess is that the listeners are not hooked up correctly, can you post a jsfiddle? – olsn Jun 16 '13 at 10:30

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The mousemove events come from the shape you clicked on, so the target will always be that initial clicked shape.

To determine what is currently under the mouse, use the getObjectUnderPoint or getObjectsUnderPoint APIs.

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