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I am having styling issues with my button. Currently I have this:

<%= link_to t(:add_to_cart), '#', :onclick => "$(this).parent().submit(); return false;", :type => "button", :class => "button primary" %>

which renders this:

<a href="#" class="button" onclick="$(this).parent().submit(); return false;">Add To Cart</a>

when I change the link_to to a button_to, I've got this:

<%= button_to t(:add_to_cart), '#', :onclick => "$(this).parent().submit(); return false;", :type => "button", :class => "button primary" %>

which renders this:

<input class="button primary" onclick="$(this).parent().submit(); return false;" type="submit" value="Add To Cart">

Unfortunately, the javascript no longer works. I can see the obvious change in the markup, but why does this no longer work? I'm a designer that dabbles in Rails, so please be gentle! Seems like this could be something pretty simple. I did try :url => '#' on the button_to, which gave me other styling issues, so I reverted.

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what do you want to do with button ?

you use $(this).parent().submit(); ---> in jquery this part of code submit the form but button_to do this by default why you add it ??

then you use return false; ----> this prevent to submit form in javascript !!!

i hope i clarify something to you

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Fantastic, that worked. I removed the script and everything works as intended! –  jvspcorbust Jun 15 '13 at 20:44

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