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I'm trying to learn to use OpenSsl.

This is my init function:

int init_cipher(EVP_CIPHER_CTX *x, const EVP_CIPHER * type, unsigned char* key, unsigned char* IV)

    /* EVP_EncryptInit is obsolete */
    return EVP_EncryptInit_ex(x, type , NULL, key,  IV);


I call it in this way (enc_x is already init):

res = init_cipher(enc_x, EVP_des_cbc(), key_enc, IV);

This is my encrypt code:

int encrypt(EVP_CIPHER_CTX *x, char * in, char * buf_out )

    int text_len;
    int loutU = 0;
    int loutF = 0;

    text_len = strlen(in) + 1 ; // i.e : adding '\0'

    if( EVP_EncryptUpdate(x, (unsigned char *)buf_out, &loutU, ( unsigned char*) in, text_len) == 0 )
        return -1;

    if( EVP_EncryptFinal_ex(x, (unsigned char *) &buf_out[loutU], &loutF) == 0 )
        return -1;  

    return loutU + loutF;

First time I send a cipher text all works fine, server receives cipher-text and prints correct plain text. Second time I have problems. If, for example, first time I send "Stack Overflow" all works fine, but second time if I write anything , Server always print 'erflow', note that 'Stack ' are 8 bytes, so seems that second time my client sends out the second byte of my first message though it has already sended it. Since, I use padding my messages are not always size block multiple. I thought that this was not a problem!

Thanks for your Help

Best Regards

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