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Having integrated merb_auth_password_slice as per the README, I can successfully login as redirect_after_login is being triggered, although session.authenticated? returns false.

Just trying the basic auth strategy for now (password form), can't seem to get it working, any ideas?

My init file:

require 'dm-validations'

dependencies "merb-more", "merb_helpers", "merb-slices", "merb_auth_password_slice"

Merb::BootLoader.before_app_loads do
  DataMapper.setup(:default, "sqlite3://config/dev.db")

Merb::BootLoader.after_app_loads do
    # have already done this
    # raise "You must specify a valid openid in Merb.root/config/open_id to use this example app" unless File.exists?(Merb.root / "config" / "open_id")
    # # DataMapper.auto_migrate!
    # User.create(:login => "admin", 
    #             :password => "password", :password_confirmation => "password", 
    #             :email => "", 
    #             :identity_url => / "config" / "open_id"))

Merb::Config.use do |c|
  c[:session_secret_key]  = 'my key'
  c[:session_store] = 'cookie'


class Authentication

  def store_user(user)
    return nil unless user

  def fetch_user(session_info)

end # Authentication
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  # before(nil, :only => [:update, :destroy]) { session.abandon! }

This is the culprit in the slice's session controller

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