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Im attempting to load multiple html5 widgets from soundcloud after a json call. I make the json call then append stuff to my main div, but the widgets dont load properly. I suspect this to do with the timing of function calls.

var url='';
$.getJSON(url, function(tracks){
    $.each(tracks, function(key,value){
        $('#container').append('<a href="' + value.permalink_url +  '" class="sc-player">MY NEW DUB TRAXXXXX</a>');

<div id="container">
<a href="" class="sc-player"> My new dub track</a></div>

The a tag in the div loads properly, but not the stuff added by jquery. How can I reload/refresh/re-init the JS to transform my links?

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It might be easier to use the oembed endpoint. You pass it the permalink of the track you want and it responds with the correct widget embed code which you can put straight into the document.

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