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I am .net developer and make android app in free times. I have made one Music Library app that has approx 700 songs. I have added the songs in database. When I am installying app then I am copying database from Asset folder and then copying in SD card. Now I have deployed the app in play store and I want to update the database with more songs. I dont want to update any db structure nor i want to delete anything. I want to add more 100 Songs. So I want to copy the new database when i deploy it new version.

I have googled a lot and spent much time. Every one say that onUpgrade function calls and we have go update the version. My problem is this, Control never comes on this method. I have put Log statement and I can see it never execute. I have updated db many times and updated version as well but "onUpgrade" never called.

Here is my Code...

public class DatabaseHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper
private static String DB_PATH;  
private static String DB_NAME1 = "question.db"; // Asset Folder DB Name     
public static final String KEY_NAME = "Name";
protected static String DB_NEWPATH;
private Context myContext;
final static int DB_VERSION = 16;

private SQLiteDatabase myDataBase;

    public DatabaseHelper(Context context)      
        this.myContext = context;
        DB_PATH = "/data/data/"+context.getPackageName()+"/databases/";         
        Log.i("DatabaseHelper,Path", "********"+DB_PATH);

     * Creates a empty database on the system a         
    public void CreateDatabase() throws IOException
        boolean dbExists = checkDatabase();
        Log.i("CreateDatabase",   "********CreateDatabase,dbExist="+dbExists);
            try {
            } catch (IOException e) {    
                throw new Error("Error copying database");   

    public boolean checkDatabase()
        Log.i("checkDatabase", "********checkDatabase");
        SQLiteDatabase checkDB = null; 
            Log.d("DB Path=", DB_NEWPATH);
            checkDB = SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(DB_NEWPATH, null, SQLiteDatabase.OPEN_READONLY);  
        }catch(SQLiteException e){ } 

        if(checkDB != null){ checkDB.close(); } 

        return (checkDB != null) ? true : false;


    private void copyDatabase() throws IOException
        //Open your local db as the input stream 
        Log.i("copyDatabase", "********copyDatabase");
        InputStream myInput = myContext.getAssets().open(DB_NAME1); // Path to the asset folder database

        // Path to the just created empty db
        Log.d("in CopyDB method DB Path=", DB_NEWPATH);
        String outFileName = DB_NEWPATH;

        FileOutputStream myOutput = new FileOutputStream(outFileName);
        byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
        int length;
        while((length = myInput.read(buffer)) > 0)
        Log.i("copyDatabase", "********copy Done");
        //Close the streams

     * Open Database
    public SQLiteDatabase openDB() throws SQLException
        Log.i("openDB", "********openDB");
        myDataBase = SQLiteDatabase.openDatabase(DB_NEWPATH, null, SQLiteDatabase.OPEN_READWRITE);
        return myDataBase;

     * Close Database 
    public synchronized void close() {
    if(myDataBase != null)

    public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase arg0) {         
        /* Database already created */
        Log.i("onCreate", "********onCreate");

    public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase arg0, int arg1, int arg2) {
        Log.i("OnUpgrade", "This method is not going to execute....What is the reason even I am updating version each time....");       
        /* No upgrade of Database */


At each time when i deploy, I have copy new database. User who have already installed the app are not getting my update cz this onUpgrade is not executing.

Any Help?

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how did u fix it –  Muhammad Umar Sep 21 '13 at 15:45
@HusnainKazmi can u please share the code if u have fixed it –  Erum Mar 10 '14 at 18:54

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