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I am working with NFC for my research and i had to intercept the communication signal at 13.56 MHz. I am supposed to take about 80,000-100,000 data samples (in time domain) for my matlab routine for further processing.

I had been working on this thing for 1 week, should i use GNU radio or Real time Spectrum Analyzer? If you are aware only about GNU radio, can you please guide me how can i get oscilloscope on it?

I tried getting signals with real-time spectrum analyzer but not really aware which mode to use. I am also confused about the sampling frequency, how to set that in spectrum analyzer (using sample time? can't find the option in it)/

Thanks a lot!

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This isn't a specific question about anything, really. You are asking, essentially, how to do your research. There are loads of GNURadio Tutorials. I just Google searched for "gnuradio oscilloscope" and got loads of results. Also, how do you expect people to tell you how to use your spec-an? It sounds like you really need an experienced researcher in your lab to help you get started. –  HokieTux Jun 16 '13 at 3:48
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