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So it I have the string:

var str = "blue,red,green,orange,yellow,brown,black,teal,purple,gold,silver"

How would you replace every 3rd comma with an ! (For example)? It would look something like:

var str = "blue,red,green!orange,yellow,brown!black,teal,purple!gold,silver,white"

After scrapping together some things I found, I came up with this:

var str = "blue,red,green,orange,yellow,brown,black,teal,purple,gold,silver"

function replaceIndex(string, at, repl) {
   return string.replace(/\S/g, function(match, u) {
        if( u === at ) return repl;

        return match;

var total_items = str.split(",").length - 1;
var counter = 1;
for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i++){
    if (str.charAt(i) == ","){
        if (total_items%counter == 0){
            replaceIndex(str, i, "},{");


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You can do this with some regex magic:

str = str.replace(/([^,],[^,]*?,[^,]*?),/g, '$1!');
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var str = "blue,red,green,orange,yellow,brown,black,teal,purple,gold,silver"
str = str.replace(/(([^,]*,){2}([^,]*)),/g, '$1!')
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