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I have an existing java project. It is a maven project. I want to add it to my local maven repository for reuse in other projects.


Dependent on


This SO Question/Answer gives instructions for adding a single file to a local maven repository using mvn install:install-file

This SO Question/Answer gives instructions for adding a group of jars - sources, javadoc, etc. using mvn deploy-file.

This SO Question/Answer alludes to specifying dependencies via a pom.xml file, but doesn't provide details.

I have two tasks in front of me that I'd like to accomplish:

  1. add the project for MyUtilityClass to my local repository, with sources, docs, and dependencies automatically added when I pull them in.

  2. I'd like to create a maven task for the MyUtilityClass project that adds the latest and greatest bundle to my local repository.

I am using eclipse as an IDE and maven version 3.0.4. The POM for this project looks like this:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">



        <artifactId>slf4j</artifactId><!--from local repo -->
        <!--from local repo and shouldn't be automatically added -->
        <!-- to projects that reuse the resulting bundle -->
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The easiest way to do this is to think of each project as their own release cycles. They should be independant of each other.

As you have discovered, you can

  • use install to install the artifact to your local repository
  • use install-file to install secondary artifacts to your local repository
  • use deploy to so the same steps as install(-file), but to remote repositories

What also does this is the release plugin. When you perform the pair goals of release:prepare and release:perform, you end up with

  • version values update in the pom files
  • version control tags created
  • the artifact installed & deployed
  • any source and/or javadoc artifacts deployed

What you want to use is the release plugin.

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Thank you. I have it working now. That was no easy task! – Steve Kallestad Jun 16 '13 at 10:18

The simple solution is to use

mvn install

in the project you would like to reuse. This will install the artifacts of your project into your location repository.

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