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Is there any way by which I can run syncdb from my terminal? I don't know why my action_hooks/deploy script is not running. When I open my openshift database it show no table created.

source ${OPENSHIFT_HOMEDIR}python-2.6/virtenv/bin/activate
export PYTHON_EGG_CACHE=${OPENSHIFT_HOME_DIR}python-2.6/virtenv/lib/python-2.6/site-packages
echo "Executing 'python ${OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIRwsgi/my/ syncdb --noinput'"
python "$OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR"my/ syncdb --noinput
echo "Executing 'python ${OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR}wsgi/my/ collectstatic --noinput -v0'"
python "$OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR"my/ collectstatic --noinput -v0

git repo at

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How about:

source $OPENSHIFT_HOMEDIR/python-2.6/virtenv/bin/activate
python syncdb --noinput

Please make sure to do something similar if your application type is python 2.7 based.

let me know if it does not work.

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Mam, I have already add that to my deploy script, but i think its not running... – Sarvesh Gupta Jun 19 '13 at 10:14
There were some changes to action hooks, I hope you are following the latest set of instructions from here:…. Also make sure you have execute permissions on the deploy script in your local git repo. For – Sumana Mehta Jun 19 '13 at 19:29
mam, i'm new to this openshift thing, can u suggest me what's wrong in my openshift project, i've make a repo at . could be pls suggest what wrong in there – Sarvesh Gupta Jun 21 '13 at 15:40

check logs (rhc tail app_name). Try to login to OpenShift app through ssh (rhc ssh app_name) and try to run deploy script manually (cd app-root/runtime/repo/.openshift/action_hooks; ./deploy). Do you see any errors?

Post your logs/errors here. I will update my answer afterwards.

//lol, sorry, I did not notice it's two year old question.

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