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What is the unit type for maxDistance argument of the Query<U>.Near<T> method (in MongoDB C# Driver)?

Notes: I have created an index and I have checked that it's a "2d" index:

var keys = IndexKeys<Loc>.GeoSpatial<double[]>(l => l.Coordinates);
var options = IndexOptions.SetName("Loc_Coordinates").SetBackground(true);
Locations.EnsureIndex(keys, options);

And index checked by:

var idxes = Locations.GetIndexes();
foreach (var i in idxes)

Indexes are:

{ "_id" : 1 }
{ "Coordinates" : "2d" }

I thought the unit should be radian, so I wrote this helper method to convert meter to radian:

const double EarthRadius_m = 6371.01 * 1000d; //m
public static double MeterToRadian(this double meter) { return meter / EarthRadius_m; }

But if I use meter (in a dense area), I get too much results and if I use radian, I get nothing unless it's big (multiplied by 1000!). Maybe MeterToRadian has some problems? Or the unit is km instead of m? (But on the website, it says it's meter).

I query the collection by this code:

var radius = meter.MeterToRadian();
var query = Query<Loc>.Near<double[]>(l => l.Coordinates, lon, lat, radius);
var answer = Locations.Find(query).SetLimit(limit).ToList();
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@haim770 Thanks for the in time edit; very kind of you! – Kaveh Shahbazian Jun 16 '13 at 10:29
could you include the line which does the actual query (in radians since that is the expected unit)? – Asya Kamsky Jun 16 '13 at 13:59
also you say you verify the index is "2d" but I don't see any output - could you connect to mongodb via mongo shell and type "use <db>" (fill in name of your database) and then "db.locations.getIndexes()" and post the output here? – Asya Kamsky Jun 16 '13 at 14:01
@AsyaKamsky Yes; I get some output when I choose a bigger radius (and BTW the performance is awful!). – Kaveh Shahbazian Jun 16 '13 at 17:01
can you include the output of index verification? I'm wondering if you really have a "2d" index on the appropriate fields. One way you can check is after the query runs slowly it will be recorded in the mongod logs - it may be possible to tell from that if it's using an index. Meanwhile output of collection.getIndexes() would be very helpful. – Asya Kamsky Jun 16 '13 at 22:06

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