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i got date in my db in the form of MMM DD,YYYY

String thisDate1 = "Jan 05, 2009";

in order to get arithmetic operations such as add days i have to change it to standard format i.e mm/dd/yy. how can i do this. please help

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Just never store dates in a string, use DateTime instead. Where it is unambiguous, culture independent, compact and fast. It shouldn't be turned into a string until the last possible moment, just before you show it to a human. – Hans Passant Jun 16 '13 at 10:41

Your string is fine as-is, you can use DateTime.Parse to convert it to a DateTime object which you can do your arithmetic on, like so:

var thisDate = DateTime.Parse(thisDate1);
var nextDate = thisDate.AddDays(1);
var nextDateAsString = nextDate.ToString("MMM dd, yyyy");

Also be careful with your casing, your current string is actually in MMM dd, yyyy format. DD would actually give you the letters DD themselves, as would YYYY. mm is minutes, while MM is for months. You can find more details on this on MSDN.

Also, as @HansPassant pointed out, you don't want to be storing your dates in a string until the last possible moment.

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