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I have been reading tutorials and guides concerning this but have not found a straight forward answer to this.

I currently have an existing website running on a node.js platform, locally on my computer.

Goal: Now I want to try and write a simple hello world in Dart, export it to plain JavaScript and see it work in my existing website.

Reading the documents, I read that I should create a new "Web Application" and to create some sample code up and running, I check the "Generate sample content" box.

enter image description here

And my project is now created in Dart Editor:

enter image description here

I can run the sample in Dartium, see it work, etc.

But the problem is that I have now a .html file in the Dart-project, while I have a real .html file for my existing node website in a totally different path. I don't want that. I want to try and use the existing .html instead, since.. thats my real website.

But when trying to create a new Dartium launcher, I can only refer to .html files within my Dart-project:

enter image description here

So my big question is; How do actually start using Dart with my existing developed website?

How do I create that bridge?

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You generate the .js file(s) and add them to your existing HTML file. Or did I get the question wrong? – MarioP Jun 17 '13 at 9:32

On the second image above in your original question, there is an option just below the HTML file, called URL - is this what you're looking for? You can set that to any arbitrary URL.

You'd also need to copy the helloworld.dart file into your node.js server path, and copy the bits inside the <body> tag into your existing HTML page. You'll also need to copy the packages\browser\dart.js file somewhere to your node.js server, too.
If you wanted to run the JS version, you'd also need to use the editor menu option to Generate JavaScript and copy the .js files into your node.js server path.

The script tag that refers to dart.js automatically detects if the browser supports Dart natively, and will either load the .dart version of your app, or the .dart.js version of your app (from the same folder location).

So what you're likely after is something like:

    /existingIndex.html  // containing the two script tags from helloworld.html 
                         // and other tags referred to in helloworld.dart

And in the "URL" path in the launch configuration, you'd put something like http://localhost:<port>/existingIndex.html

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open bug: – MarioP Jun 17 '13 at 11:08

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