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I've enabled Wordpress shortcode output to work in the sidebar and am using the 'enhanced text widget' (which allows PHP, short codes, javascript etc) to output Polldaddy polls using the shortcode given by polldaddy such as: [polldaddy poll="xxxxxxx"], which works fine together with Polldaddy's own WP plugin.

I'd like to either randomly show or even better cycle through more than one poll so that the site visitor sees a different poll at each page refresh.

I get short-codes are excuted server side so would most likely need a php script.

I've found lots of ad banner rotators and quote rotators on the internet but could not make anything work.

I'd be grateful if someone would share a solution.



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You can create your own "meta" Shortcode to create random Poll Shortcodes, like:

add_shortcode( 'randompoll', 'poll_so_17134362');

function poll_so_17134362( $atts ) 
    $random_poll = your_method_to_get_random_polls();
    $return = do_shortcode( '[polldaddy poll="' . $random_poll . '"]' );
    return $return;
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