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I'm using carrierwave in a rails app to upload files. It works fine on my development environment, but on my production VM (Ubuntu), I'm getting this error:

An Errno::EACCES occurred in users#update:

  Permission denied - /home/yards/apps/yardsapp/releases/20130616143623/public/uploads/tmp/20130616-1438-14186-3184
  /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.9.1/fileutils.rb:244:in `mkdir'

I'm pretty sure I understand what is going on, but I can't seem to figure out a fix. My capistrano deploy.rb is set up with the user as root. So when it creates the new release folder on a deploy, the access rights are for root (I think).

Then when I try to upload a file, I get that error because nginx is trying to execute a mkdir as www-data.

I could chown the folder after the deploy and it works...but then another deploy creates another new directory with owner set to root as default.

At least I think this is what is going on. Does anyone have any ideas on how I should be doing this?

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Run your deployment as www-data. You might need to adjust the authorized_keys file for the www-data user as well to be able to connect.

To fastest way would be to copy over your authorized_keys file for whatever user you are using at the moment (assuming you are root):

mkdir $WWW_DATA_HOME/.ssh
cp ~/.ssh/authorized_keys $WWW_DATA_HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys
chown www-data:www-data $WWW_DATA_HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

You might also need to change the shell for the www-data user to log in to it:

chsh -s /bin/bash www-data

Now you should be able to do

ssh www-data@your-host.tld

and log in.

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I think you're right here. However, I'm not quite sure how to adjust my authorized_keys file. Any insight on that? Its trying to deploy as www-data and asking me for a password (I don't think there is a password for www-data?) –  gregblass Jun 17 '13 at 21:31
added some information on it - in essence, you need to ssh into the server, and change the things with another account. Afterwards, you'll be able to log in as www-data. –  Femaref Jun 17 '13 at 23:05

What this came down to was an improper Capistrano configuration. I followed the capistrano docs correctly (and made a 'deployer' user, same thing as the www-data as suggested above) and I have capistrano working like a charm. Also upgraded to Capistrano 3.

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