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Hi i've a problem related to html.checkbox in my MVC application.

My scenario is:

I've a list(index view) page where i bind data from the database with a checkbox to select/deselect the item. when i click save button i want to get selected rows to save those items back to db.

i used

1.  <input type="checkbox" id="chk2" value="<%= item.recid %>" >  
    // I'm not getting value of chk2 in serverside 

2. <%= html.CheckBox("chk1")%>
    // i'm getting chk1 in serverside with value like 'true,false,true,false...'

in my model view iteration.

So how to do that in MVC application?

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Can you give us some more of your code. What you are displaying in the view and the relevant code from your action? –  theouteredge Nov 11 '09 at 9:47

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This is how I do it...

In the view, give all your checkboxes the same name and a unique value.

<input type="checkbox" name="MyCheckboxes" value="<%= item.recid %>" > 

In your controller action method, pass an IList with the name of the checkboxes.

public ActionResult MyActionMethod(IList<string> MyCheckboxes)

You'll receive in MyCheckboxes a list of the values of only those checkboxes that were selected.

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For 1), you need to specify a name on the input element.

You then need to match that name to a parameter on your Action Method.

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