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I am working with C#, currently on a WPF application. After hours of searching online, i found out that i cannot send messages to a friend or post on a friend's wall using graph API. The old way looked like this:

client = new FacebookClient(fbAuthenticate.AccessToken);
string path = friend_id + "/feed";    
dynamic result = client.Post(path, new { message = TextBox_PostOnWall.Text });

And that is not possible anymore. Seemingly i need to use the feed dialog, but i do not know how, using this c# sdk. I tried something like this:

string path = "dialog/feed";
dynamic result = client.Post(path, new { message = TextBox_PostOnWall.Text, to = friend_id });

Also tried name instead of message, but in vain. Can anyone please help me with this? Would help me alot to know how to post to a friend's wall and send a private message to a friend.

Thank you, Darksody

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Sorry but you are doing it wrong. The dialog/feed is not endpoint of Graph API to which you can post instead it is a Dialog which can be implemented by either JavaScript SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK or as direct URL. And even in that you can't pre-type the message for the user and unless friend is tagged the post will not come on his wall –  Anvesh Saxena Jun 17 '13 at 8:39
So it is no way to do that using .NET with a c# desktop app? –  user569605 Jun 17 '13 at 13:11

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