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How can I parse a string like "01-Jan-1995" to a Python datetime object?

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On the whole you'd parse date and time strings with the strptime functions in time or datetime modules. Your example could be parsed with:

import datetime
datetime.datetime.strptime("01-Jan-1995", "%d-%b-%Y")

Note that parsing month names is locale-dependent.

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dateutil can parse this sort of format without you even having to define custom date formats. Just install it with:

easy_install python-dateutil

Then use it:

import dateutil.parser
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+1 for python-dateutil. It can even parse datestrings without you having to tell it the format. – unutbu Nov 11 '09 at 18:44

If you need to parse natural language date and time strings, consider parsedatetime (and this answer).

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