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I want to have a button that has numbers in the range 0 ... 255. I'd like the color of the button to be white when it's zero and blue (RGB = (0,0,255)) when it is 255. How can I accomplish this? At first I tried to make it RGB = (0,0,0) in the beginning, but it will only make it black.

How can I accomplish this?

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Simple linear interpolation between white (255,255,255) and blue (0,0,255) will do.

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A gradient from blue to white would start with:


with values of the R and G increasing at the same rate: 1,1,255 ... 10,10,255 ... 255,255,255

The colors between the 2 will start to appear pastel blue, then greyish blue.

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The question was about white to blue, not blue to white. – ndim Nov 11 '09 at 7:57

white in RGB is 255,255,255

So, just decrese red and green

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Set R & G to (255 - the value of the button).

255,255,255 = white 0,0,255 = blue

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    if n <   0: n = 0
    if n > 255: n = 255
    r = 255-n
    g = r
    b = 255
    return rgb (r,g,b)

This will give (255,255,255 = white) for n = 0 and (0,0,255 = blue) for n = 255.

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