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I read that dot cloud supports WebSockets. I am planning to use socket.io in my application. Since socket.io will fall back on long polling if browser does not support websockets, I was wondering whether dot cloud supports http long polling.

PS: I am assuming this will depend on hipache which dot cloud uses now as their HTTP load balancer.

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This is definitely something you should test. It is possible that long polling could work, if there is a heartbeat being transmitted more frequently than once per 30 seconds.

I couldn't find a test of socketio longpolling. If you find one in the kit or create one, please link it here.

dotCloud runs Hipache in the default configuration, as published on github. In that configuration, the tcpTimeout is set to 30 seconds, and any socket which does not send or receive data within that window will be closed by Hipache.

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Thanks. This was useful. I will try with a keepalive of less than 30 seconds. –  jrajp2184 Jun 18 '13 at 6:14

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