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I have a few feature/topic branches A,B,C. And I have a devel branch.

I have just finished a patch/hotfix and committed it to devel. A,B,C were all child-branches of devel until a while ago, but now they lack the patch/hotfix that I just committed to devel.

How do I make all the branches A,B,C to merge the new changes (patch/hotfix) from the (new-)devel?

I could go to each branch and then merge devel into each branch one by one, but I guess there would be a better way?

edit: devel, not master

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You'll need to update each branch one at a time. You could write a script to do this if you really wanted to, but that doesn't change the fact that they all need to be updated.


git checkout A
git merge devel


git checkout A
git rebase devel

for each of your branches. Some discussion on merge vs rebase.

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