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I am trying to pass variable though the GetDetail function below. I can pass string/number and it works properly.

But I'm unable to pass variable

detLink.onclick = new Function ("GetDetails()");
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detLink.onclick = function () { GetDetails ( parameter1, parameter2, ... );  }

which is an anonymous function.

Read also The function expression (function operator)

A function expression is similar to and has the same syntax as a function declaration

function [name]([param] [, param] [..., param]) {

name The function name. Can be omitted, in which case the function becomes known as an anonymous function.

param The name of an argument to be passed to the function. A function can have up to 255 arguments.

statements The statements which comprise the body of the function.

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When You set attribute You are using string datatype, thus you have to stitch function name with variable VALUE

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Not working for IE in instead of localhost i use IP address if i write on Alert in Get detail it doesnot work – Ank Nov 11 '09 at 12:19

If you have access to the variable in question when you set the click handler,

detLink.onclick = function() { 

If you don't,

detLink.id = uniqueId;
detLink.onclick = function() {
  var foo = globalData[this.id];

// somewhere else in your code, where you know the value of the variable
globalData[detLink.id] = foo;
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var val1 = "Hell world"
detLink.onclick = GetDetails( val1 );

function GetDetails( myVar ){
   alert ( myVar );
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this won't work as GetDetails will be called during the declaration and not after the click. – jantimon Nov 11 '09 at 7:57

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