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I'm having trouble with the CSS minification feature provided in Play Framework 2.1. I know it works good with .less files, but I'm interested in minifying plain old css files.

I was researching possible solutions and writing a custom assets compiler using YUICompressor looks like a nice solution. But I couldn't find a good resource how to write one and plug it in to Play so he could pick them up and "compile" them.

Also I would like to ask if Play has some build'in functionality to switch those scripts while going into production mode.

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One way of making use of the provided less compiler is to just rename the .css files to .less files but still keep the plain css code in the files. It will work fine and you will get minified css files. I haven't checked but it might be possible to instruct the lessEntryPoints to consider .css files as well. But the renaming of file extensions should work well at least. – maba Jun 17 '13 at 9:01
I've tried that, and the provided CSS keep crashing the LESS compiler with error "char at 0" or something simillar. I don't want to use LESS at all. – Łukasz Młynik Jun 17 '13 at 9:13

I started to build a plugin for Play, which will do that what I require. Will post it here when it will get to a usable state

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