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I am starting to learn and develop games in Javascript. I was just wondering if there are websites for Javascript game development analogous to http://pygame.org/news.html. Pygame/Python was the first language I learned how to develop games on, and I think part of the reason why I ever finished a game was because most of the developers on that site allowed you to view the source code to their games. That helped me learn more than anything (if they were commented well).

I am probably going to use the Crafty game engine, so anything related to that will help as well. With that being said, I did look over most of the websites listed in this question. Any other general help regarding Javascript is also welcome. Thanks in advance.

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GameJS is a JavaScript library inspired by PyGame. PyGame vs GameJS Note that the GameJS code on the comparision is a bit outdated and it doesn't work on current release

You can also see a lot of games made using GameJS. You can see that games here: http://gamejs.org/showcase.html

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