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When I type "git log" in PowerShell it prints what looks like a normal response. At the bottom it doesn't show the normal working directory that prompts me for a new command, It just shows : (a colon) and no command works; not quit, not ctrl z, not ctrl c, it just prints another colon.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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try j,k, or h for help and q for quit. :) – dyng Jun 17 '13 at 5:15
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It puts you in a pager (most probably less if you installed MSysGit or Github for Windows), because the output you requested is longer than one screen page.

You can scroll up/down/left/right with your arrow keys, the Page Up/Page Down keys and the J/K/H/L keys.

To show inline help, press ? and to quit, press Q.

You can use a different pager or turn it off if you want to. As man git config points out, you can use the core.pager setting to set it to a different pager, or set its value to cat to disable pagination for all Git commands.

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you just need type q to exit the screen!

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If the pager is killed using Ctrl-C then the pager keeps running in the background and on each newline in terminal it will print a line and (END). So far I have not found a way of saving such a terminal. When I exit the terminal, the pager still keeps it alive until I kill the window.

q works to exit the pager / less-command if Ctrl-C has not been used.

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