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I have a x509 certificate that I installed using this code:

var certificate = AssetManagement.GetCertificate (xdoc); //this is a helper class that retrieves the certificate

//Code to install to keychain
Intent intent = KeyChain.CreateInstallIntent ();
intent.PutExtra (KeyChain.ExtraCertificate, certificate.GetRawCertData());
intent.PutExtra (KeyChain.ExtraName, "AzureManagement");

StartActivity (intent);

The code successfully calls the android UI to install a certificate and forces the user to set a PIN to protect the device. That works fine.

But when I try to access the keychain like this:

var chain = KeyChain.GetCertificateChain (this, "My cert alias");

I get the following error: Java.Lang.IllegalStateException: calling this from your main thread can lead to deadlock

What is the correct way to access the keychain?

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Does anyone know how to achieve this using C#/Xamarin? –  amhed Jun 17 '13 at 3:22
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Android is really great. It's telling you "please, don't do that this way : you may block the user interface". Android UI (display and user events) are handled by a thread in Android : the UI Thread a.k.a the main thread.

If you do something that may take time like a network call, or writing to a file, then you may block the UI and the app will look unresponsive to your users, and it can even stop working by provoking an ANR (App Not Responding).

So the answer is simple, do it in a different thread. On Android, AsyncTask are meant to help you achieve this kind of things fairly easily.

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Thanks, gonna try setting up an async call –  amhed Jun 17 '13 at 0:44
I correctly setup an AsyncTask for this, but now I'm getting the error described here: stackoverflow.com/questions/12122160/… What's the correct way to call ChoosePrivateKeyAlias() I can't find documentaiton anywhere –  amhed Jun 17 '13 at 14:40
I am sending to someone that is overskilled on that matter, you should be answered soon. –  Snicolas Jun 17 '13 at 20:18
I'm struggling with the same Problem as ahmed, on how to call ChoosePrivateKeyAlias() properly. How did you solved it? –  Gannic Feb 21 at 14:03
Did you try with an AsyncTask ? –  Snicolas Feb 21 at 17:25
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