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I've been searching around for a good tool for .NET to help building and running semi-complex queries against my SQL Azure Database.

I'm looking for something similar to this:


Essentially, there is very limited "text" search (perhaps only city name), so I don't want an engine that simple does a full text search on my DB.

I want users to be able to define a search from my database of employees with dropdowns and check boxes.

So a search might look something like, imagine that these are series of dropdown:

 State:  IL
 IsTerminated: false
 RecordCreatedBefore: 10/10/2012
 HasPhoneNumber: true

Is there anything out there that will help make this process easier, or do we have to build the engine ourselves?

If it matters, we are using NHibernate. I've looked into Lucence, but that seems to be far more of a "full text" type search than the results builder I am looking for.

Edit: We have about 100 searchable fields on each "Employee" we are trying to search.

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