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The link in _applicant.html.erb looks like this in the browser: http://localhost:3000/needs/3/applicants.1 and when clicked on this shows up in the browser:

Routing Error

No route matches [PUT] "/needs/3/applicants.1"

I want it to update the acceptance column for this particular applicant row. Basically I want it to send data to the update method of the applicants controller. How can I modify the code to do this?


<%= link_to 'Accept Applicant', need_applicants_path(applicant.need_id, applicant.id), :method => :put, :action => "update", :applicant => {:acceptance => true} %>

got this from running rake routes:

PUT    /needs/:need_id/applicants/:id(.:format)      applicants#update


resources :needs, except: [:new] do
 resources :applicants


class ApplicantsController < ApplicationController

  def update
    @need = Need.find(params[:need_id])
    @applicant = @need.applicants.find(params[:id])

    if @applicant.update_attributes(params[:applicant])
      flash[:success] = 'Your applicant has been accepted/rejected!'
      redirect_to @need
        @need = Need.find(params[:need_id])
      render 'needs/show'


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I think there are two possible fixes here:



should probably read


The error is in this line:

<%= link_to 'Accept Applicant', need_applicants_path(applicant.need_id, applicant.id), :method => :put, :action => "update", :applicant => {:acceptance => true} %>


need_applicants_path(applicant.need_id, applicant.id)

You can try passing in two instance objects like so:

need_applicants_path(Need.find(applicant.need_id), applicant)

Second, another possible solution is to explicitly set the PUT path in your routes.

In your config/routes.rb add the line

put 'need/:need_id/applicant/:id/update

then run

rake routes

and see what the PUT path is

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Hey thanks Rich. I ended up doing this and it got it working: <%= link_to 'Accept Applicant', need_applicant_path(:need_id => applicant.need_id, :applicant_id => applicant.id, :applicant => {:accepted => true}), :method => :put, :action => "update" %> –  Pavan Katepalli Jun 19 '13 at 12:01

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