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Using this tutorial, I moved my GoDaddy DNS to Amazon Route 53. Everything seemed to go well and the site loads up fine on chrome but when I try to open it on Firefox, I get an 'OpenDNS - website not available' page. The only way the website loads on firefox is by typing exactly 'http://XYZ.com' . Nothing else (like 'XYZ.com') works on Firefox.

I tested this on Chrome, IE and on Dolphin browser in my android tablet and it all works except for in Firefox. What is it that I am missing? I am not too experienced with DNS settings.

Edit: If it helps, I have the A record pointed to a signup page from LaunchRock .

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clear cache on your firefox and try .

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I tried doing that and it still doesn't work. Even loading in a firefox private session does not work. –  Ayrton Senna Jun 17 '13 at 22:20
Hey Ayrton, have you find a fix for this? I am having the same issue! Clearing the cache is not working for me as well! –  Red Sep 26 at 23:38

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