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I like EF but poco classes with attributes still seem like they are too tightly coupled to the framework. If I want to use those same Poco classes for something other than EF those attributes may have no use or meaning.

Is there a way to deal with this?

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Your POCO won't be tightly coupled anymore if you switch from Data Annotations the Fluent API.

Have a look at this SO aswer where I explained how to proceed.

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Yes what you are looking for is modelbuilder configuration. This leaves all entites completely POCO. Check out my blog article here as a bit of a starting point http://blog.staticvoid.co.nz/2012/7/17/entity_framework-navigation_property_basics_with_code_first in the second half of the article i discuss some of the basics of the modelbuilder. There are plenty of more specific tutorials on the modelbuilder and how to use it online

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