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I'm allowing users to insert numberic values into database, and I can output them through an each loop. But is there a way to just output the average value? Like say, if user is reviewing this person (only 1-5 values), I would want to output only the average instead of

<% @ratings.each do |r| %>
  <%= r.rating %>
<% end %>

This displays all the records. How do I only display the average (which should also need the total of reviews this user has right)?


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There are several ways of going about this. For instance, you could potentially abstract this logic into a custom helper. The approach I would take is to bring this logic into the model and create a convenience method on the User model itself:

# app/models/user.rb
class User < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :ratings

    def average_rating
        ratings_array =
        ratings_array.inject{ |sum, el| sum + el }.to_f

Then, if your view, you'd access ratings like so:

<%= @user.ratings %>


If you're inclined to use a view helper, something like this would work:

# app/helpers/ratings_helper.rb
module RatingsHelper
    def average_rating(ratings)
        ratings_array =
        ratings_array.inject{|sum, el| sum + el}.to_f       


In your view, you'd access the average by passing in the ratings to calculate the average of:

<%= average_rating(@user.ratings) %>


Wow. There's a native ActiveRecord function called average() that will calculate the average value of a given column with a single line of code:

<%= @user.ratings.average('rating') %>

I believe this function operates on the database level. If so, using this method would almost certainly generate the lowest overhead of any of the solutions listed.

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the average() works! thanks! – hellomello Jun 18 '13 at 2:07

its better to use some caching for the average rating. For example

user has_many ratings

and rating belongs_to :user

Then in rating model you may have a after_save call_back to save average ratings to its user. To achieve this you have to have average_ratings column in post model.

And in rating.rb:

after_save :update_average_ratings


def update_average_ratings
  average_ratings = self.user.ratings.collect(&:rating).sum / self.user.ratings.count
 user.update_attributes(average_ratings: average_ratings)


It will be very efficient and you can call @user.average_ratings when you need that.

Hope that helps

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