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I am using an embedded linux kernel 2.6 onto an Intel Atom CPU. Due to the slow performance of the 2x00usb wifi driver, I decide replace it by the 5370sta. Now speed conection is up to 10 times faster but I am experimented a problem with UDP transmition that worked like a charm with the 2800usb wireless driver.

The UDP conection can receive all datagrams properly, but the transmition turn down after some minutes. It is curious because while transmiter is down, the receiver keeps receiving correctly. After some minutes, the UDP trasmiter comes alive again. I have not been able to find a pattern, the failure is aparently randomic, but I am sure that there is a reason, maybe a buffer satturation or something like that.

I have modified the socket bind from (ip= to my CPU ip) and the broadcast (from to among several non successful attempts. But I thing that problem is with the new wifi driver and some configuration that I dont know.


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