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Hi I have been using Xdoc to parse an xml .It works fine but throws error when a node is empty.How can we check for an empty node. EG: when the heard about tag has no value it throws an object reference not set to an instance of object error.

var data = from item in doc.Descendants("Order")
                                       select new
                                           OrderID = item.Element("OrderID").Value,
                                           POnumber = item.Element("PurchaseNumber").Value,
                                           OrderDate = item.Element("DatePurchased").Value,
                                           source = item.Element("HearedAbout").Value

i tried this but doesnot work

source = item.Element("HearedAbout").Value!=null?item.Element("HearedAbout").Value:"";
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Yes, if item.Element("HearedAbout") returns null, then trying to use its Value property will indeed fail. The simplest approach is to cast it to string instead of using the Value property:

source = (string) item.Element("HearedAbout") ?? ""

The explicit conversion from XElement to string will return null when the element reference itself is null - and then the null coalescing operator takes care of the default value you want.

Given the rest of the names of your elements, I'd consider using the explicit conversions for those too:

select new
   OrderID = (int) item.Element("OrderID"),
   POnumber = (int) item.Element("PurchaseNumber"),
   OrderDate = (DateTime) item.Element("DatePurchased"),
   Source = (string) item.Element("HearedAbout") ?? ""

(The two int values might be some other type - look at your data to work it out.)

Also note that I've changed source to Source for consistency.

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thanks a lot that worked. –  Karthik Jun 17 '13 at 6:32

Check using the below menioned code

source = (string)item.Element("HearedAbout")
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thanks got it working –  Karthik Jun 17 '13 at 6:33

I think this is that:

source = Convert.ToString(item.Element("HearedAbout"))
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thanks it worked –  Karthik Jun 17 '13 at 6:34

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