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I need to invoke some common methods before an AJAX call is made and after the AJAX call (before the actual handler method is called) is success. I'm using dojo.aspect to achieve this.

This is my code sample

function makeAjaxCall(){
            //Do some logic here
            //handle error


Below is the dojo.aspect which I'm using to get a hook to the XHR calls.

define(["dojo/aspect"], function(aspect){
     aspect.after(dojo, "xhr", function(deferred){
        console.log("AJAX AFTER");
            //CALLED AFTER 'load' METHOD IS CALLED.
    aspect.before(dojo, "xhr", function(method, args){

        console.log("AJAX BEFORE");

Now the problem is deferred.then inside aspect.after is called after the "load" function is called. Is it possible to have a method which is called before the actual load method is invoked?

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The short answer is yes.

First, there are two ways to make ajax calls in Dojo.

  1. dojo/xhr - this is what you have above and this is deprecated in favor of
  2. dojo/request/xhr

The first implementation will call into the second implementation. So I would recommend using aop on dojo/request/xhr.

aspect.around(require.modules['dojo/request/xhr'], 'result', function(originalXhr){
    return function(url, options, returnDeferred){

        var dfd = new Deferred();

        // Logic before making the xhr call

        originalXhr(url, options, returnDeferred)
            .then(function(response) {

                // Logic handling the response but before resolving the deferred.
                // Logic after resolving the deferred.

            }, function(err){
                // error handling?

            }, function(update) {

        return dfd;

You can find the complete implementation at (~ line 111)


require('dojo/xhr/request', function(xhr){
        function(response) {
            //handle response
        function(error) {
            //handle error

The dojo/xhr code will translate itself to the usage above, so the code you posted should work.

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If you switch to the new API - dojo/request

Then you could use dojo/request/xhr and dojo/request/notify

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