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I have a compression algorithm that uses some c++ functions and I would like to try it on AVR sS vector: No such file or directory

I use vectors in my algorithm so I must include the vector

#include <vector>

What I want to ask is that, does atmel AVR Studio provide me with all the libraries a normal gcc compiler does? (Is there a support for vectors in AVR Studio?)

BTW I am using AVR studio 6

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While most people think that C++ is quite overkill for small 8 bits MCU, you can still use C++ with these devices. See this discussion.

AFAIK, there is no native support for the standard C++ library in AVR Studio 6, even partial support.

However, there are some STL ports available on the internet. I used some time ago this one, with some difficulties for compilation. It provides a quite complete support of basic containers (I used vector and map). Do not expect to have much more.

As a side note, I never managed to be completely satisfied with the result: too much memory consumption for not so much gain. I ended in using C on small projects and used bigger 32 bits MCU for my larger projects.

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Thanks for the great answer. You have guided me to much new information. – Maher Assi Jun 17 '13 at 7:12

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