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I know how to run commands with PyCharm (Tools -> Run manage.py Task), but I would like to debug them also, including my commands and third party app's commands.

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If you're trying to debug manage.py commands (those in app/management/commands/ folder), you can use @Kevin's answer, but put in manage.py in the "Script", and the command you want to run in "Script parameters". –  RVC Oct 23 '14 at 2:41

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You can debug a custom Django admin/management command in PyCharm by creating a custom Django server entry on the Run/Debug Configuration menu:

  • Click Edit Configurations....
  • Click the plus sign and choose Django server.
  • Fill in the Name as you please, clear the Host and Port fields, check Custom run command and enter the name of your command to the right of the checkbox.
  • Enter any extra command-line arguments into the separate field Additional options, not appended in the run command.
  • Click OK.

Now set a breakpoint, choose your new configuration from the Run/Debug Configuration menu and click the Debug button. Et voilà!

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Emphasis for people like me who apparently can't read properly: the Host and Port fields have to be cleared, otherwise the custom command will not work! –  hheimbuerger Jul 15 '14 at 17:26

You first need to define what code you want to run. Once you have it defined, you can just run your code or debug it after setting up some checkpoints along your code file(s).

Maybe you should take a look on the online documentation, which will clarify you most of the main PyCharm usage questions.

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sorry Jose, but rtfm is not too helpful of a an answer –  Nathan Tregillus Mar 28 at 0:14

After installing ipdb (pip install ipdb) put those lines to debug point:

    import ipdb


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