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I’m adding a total amount value to a DIV through a jQuery Ajax call everytime I add a new item to a shopping cart. I need this value to be a part of a difference calculation (payment-totalAmount), but I’m having troubles getting the totalAmount value.

I set the total amount in the function called SetTotalAmount and then I try to get the value from the DIV tag in the submitPayment actionevent:

<script type="text/javascript">

    	var paymentAmount = $("#paymentAmount").val();
    	var totalAmount = $("#totalTillAmount").val();
    	var difference = (paymentAmount-totalAmount);

    	$("#paymentTillAmount").html("betalt: "+paymentAmount);
    	//$("#totalTillAmount").html("total: "+totalAmount);

    	$("#difference").html("Tilbage: "+difference);




function SetTotalAmount()
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You may need to parse strings before performing calculations:

var paymentAmount = parseFloat($("#paymentAmount").text());
var totalAmount = parseFloat($("#totalTillAmount").text());

Also as #totalTillAmount is a div you may need to use the text function instead of val (which is used for input elements) to read it's contents.

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